2017-18 Programming

WIAprojects 2017-18 Programming
Pam Patterson
For 2017-18 WIAprojects will investigate "what socially-engaged community practice looks like" - how we energize our research as feminists in dialogue with communities through the arts. 

October 02, 2017 to Jan 26, 2018: "leaning in"  
by the NEXTDOOR Project Group facilitated by Candace Wilkins
A documentary exhibit exploring the expressive arts project, NEXTDOOR from Belleville Ontario facilitated by our 2016-17 community-based researcher Candace Wilkins. Wall work will be by participants and include documentation of this weekly drop-in’s events. A film co-edited and shot by Lennie Epstein may be premiered at the opening.

NEXTDOOR is an inclusive arts-based group in downtown Belleville, Ontario that promotes creativity, poetry, the practice of loving kindness meditation, non-­judgment and compassion. The goal of NEXTDOOR is to support mental health by creating a safe space where individuals can come together on a weekly basis. This program is accessible with no cost to the participants.
This group is for those aged 18+

February 2018: NASTY GRRRRS: Community (in) Action 

Dub poet, activist and professor Lillian Allen and the Belize Project will focus our February exhibition. In addition to this, we will also be showing a range of work by feminist artist/activists.

We are calling for images of socially-engaged community work. What do you do as a feminist, artist and researcher in your own communities? 
Image from Manitoba Artists for Women’s Art
Exhibition Call:
WIAprojects at Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto is showcasing women’s – and especially feminist – socially-engaged community activity in an exhibit in the CWSE Hallway Gallery this coming Feb. 2018. Our expectation is that the works will specifically explore where we, nationally, as women and/or as feminists are situated after Canada 150.

Who are you – Individual? Group? Collective? Are you from a rural area or urban center? How do you respond to and enliven the hopes, wishes, and activities of/in your communities? Who do you work with and how? How have you spoken to or/and facilitated in assisting with meeting the needs of a diverse population or a specific group? Do you have a powerful image that speaks to this work that you do?

We are asking for submissions of printed colour images on good quality photo paper in 4” x 6” (vertical or horizontal) format. You may send up to three images (indicate an order of preference) and we will try and show them all but, if space becomes limited, we may have to choose one. In order to defray costs we are asking for an administrative fee of $25 for the submission of one image ($10 for each individual image beyond the one – up to total of $45 for 3 images) to cover framing, hanging, advertising and administrative costs. The image and cheque should be sent to: Nasty Grls, WIAprojects, 22588-264 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1V8.

Please send as well in an email to wiaprojects@gmail.com biographical information on yourself or your group or project, a description of your activity using the questions above as a framework and a 300 dpi jpg copy of your image for publicity or catalogue purposes. Please send your text  as a one page word file for us to use to accompany your image(s) – maximum 200 words please for all! We suggest approximately 100 word bio and 100 word statement. This text will be oriented, printed and shown beside your image(s).

One we receive your email and mailed submission, we will contact you via email to acknowledge receipt. 

DEADLINE: Oct 15, 2017

May 2018: The Canadian Postcard Project
 Teacher and artist Mallory Diaczun will provide a retrospective on her long-running project with Toronto school children and contemporary artists. 
The Canadian Postcard Project
The Canadian Postcard Project is a research initiative designed to connect secondary students in a suburban middle school with contemporary, Canadian artists. The project invites all emerging and established professionals from across the country to participate in a simple postcard exchange. It begins with each student choosing an artist/artwork s/he admires and then s/he creates a postcard in reflection of that chosen piece. Once the student artwork is made and mailed, the Canadian artist then sends an artwork in the form of a postcard back in response. 
Through this project, Mallory facilitates cooperative learning and collaboration through an authentic dialogue between young and practicing artists. The Canadian Postcard Project brings Canadian artwork into the public school realm, and helps educate youth on different styles, mediums, and themes that are taking place countrywide. This year, for 2016-17, she also includes developmentally delayed students.

From Mallory April 2017: “The students were asked to use your artwork to become inspired, and to respond with an artwork that would pair well with yours. I asked them to still focus on things that they like; There are three classes involved this year - Grade 11, Grade 12, and a Developmentally Delayed class. Because of this, the skill levels range, but each student put forth their best time and effort when creating their work; They are extremely excited for your responses! They have expressed to me how they are "real" artists now that they are working with other real artists. There is definitely a great buzz going around the school!”